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Scan to Facebook How-To

Social media and the cloud have had a dramatic impact on the way we interact with others – whether on a personal or professional level. As a working mother of twin boys, I use social media and the cloud to organize my digital files and keep my family and friends updated on the boys’ endeavors and entertaining mischief.  And, like most busy moms, I love to learn about new ways to save time and integrate a new digital tool into my daily routine.

Epson recently added a new capability to its Expression Small-in-One home printers – an easy way to scan-to-Facebook and the cloud.  The new feature allows you to scan, edit and share photos, along with other fun projects, directly to Facebook or other popular cloud services all in one single workflow. While there are countless scenarios where instant photo and project sharing can come in handy, I’ve outlined a few ideas in the hopes it will inspire other ideas for minimizing clutter, getting organized and sharing more with friends and family:

  1. Digitize Your Shoebox of Photos – I’ve found that digitizing my older photos allows me to prepare for family events and my future craft projects, like restoring and printing photos for the next family reunion. With the average household containing nearly 3,000 photos stored in bins, memory albums, and old photo sleeves, scanning directly to Facebook or the cloud is an easy way to turn several years of photos into content that friends and family can enjoy.  
  1. Easy #TBT – Posting a nostalgia-inducing photo from a different era is one of my favorite ways to connect on Facebook. I love sharing old photos of familyand reminiscing with friends about the memories they bring to mind, especially for #throwbackthursday. The new Scan-to-Facebook feature makes scanning and sharing those oldies but goodies easier than ever. 
  1. DIY Kids’ Art and School Work –  In a recent a blog entry, “Scanning into summer: Tips for Sharing and Organizing Children’s Artwork,” I looked at several project ideas for digitizing and saving school artwork. With Scan-to-Facebook, you can share projects with other moms, families and friends or share special projects in new ways. For grandma’s next birthday or Dad’s Day, scan your child’s handmade card to share on Facebook and then store in the cloud to make the projects accessible on your smartphone or tablet when you’re traveling or visiting with family.  

The pictures below offer a quick how-to for scanning and sharing with friends and family on Facebook using Epson’s Easy Photo Scan Software.

Step 1:  Place the photo or project you’d like to share on the printer’s scanner bed.

Step 2:  Open Easy Photo Scan Software and click Scan to launch; click Preview to scan the image; review and click Scan Scan to Facebook_Image 1


Step 3:  When finished, click Close to close the window and open the original scan window.  If desired, you can enhance the image, including cropping, black and white and red eye correction.


Scan to Facebook_Image 3


Step 4:  When ready, click the Facebook icon in the destination tab, followed by Login in the pop-up window.


Scan to Facebook_Image 4

Step 5:  After you’ve successfully logged into Facebook, click Send in the pop-up window; your scanned photo or project will upload to your Facebook profile page.  Viola!


Scan to Facebook_Image_5_blurred



  1. Jesse says:

    Recently bought an Epson WF-7610 printer. I signed up for receiving interesting and useful articles from Epson. Today I received my first communication of that nature. I was excited when I saw the title of this blog article listed in the contents: Scan to Facebook: How To. What a disappointment! It’s all about how to scan to Facebook using a specific Epson printer – the Expressions All-in One. So I’m supposed to go out and buy another printer to do this, on top of the expensive printer I just bought? Not likely! I think you should’ve told us how to scan with any printer and then said if you want to make it super easy here’s how to do it with our new Expressions All-In-One printer. I feel like it’s not even worth looking at the other articles because they’ll just be promoting specific products.

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