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Costs/Benefits of a Hackathon

Epson hosted its first hackathon at our Long Beach headquarters on August 24th & 25th. We, in partnership with Metaio GmbHinvited developers to come up with killer augmented reality application ideas for our Moverio smart glasses.

The “See Smarter: Moverio Glasses Hackathon” drew a strong turnout of both veteran and up-and-coming developers looking to put both their knowledge and creativity to the test.

All things considered, the hackathon was a success. We loved the applications that our participants came up with–such as racing against your own, virtual 3D avatar in a real-world foot race, or creating a haunted house with virtual ghosts and ghouls springing from around various corners.

The benefits also exceeded our expectations. In addition to interesting augmented realty apps, we connected with the local technology community, made promising new business contacts, and even drew the attention of local mediaAnd we had a lot of fun.  

I’d also like to send a huge thanks to Michael Leyva, our UCLA MBA summer intern, for running the show!

Ever wonder what it takes to run a hackathon? Click on the image below for a complete infographic breakdown.




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