The view from Inside Epson's Moverio smart glasses program

Drones on a Plain


“Oh my God,” Abbé Lyle said softly. Her reaction made the rest of us nervous: Would she crash the drone? Would she blow the last shot of the day? Tears ran down her face, followed by something peculiar: a wide smile.

Abbé was one of 45 participants who left the hubbub of the Las Vegas strip and headed southeast to a dusty ghost town nestled in a red-rock valley to attend Russell Brown’s Lights, Aerial Camera, Action! Workshop.

Nelson, Nevada is a photographer’s playground and the perfect place to fly a dozen camera-toting DJI Phantom drones. Tilted, hollow barns surrounded by antique trucks sitting on melted tires lined the single road. Detritus of years past, including a crashed WWII plane, covered the desert. It was surreal, hot and…dangerous. We were warned to watch out for fire ants, rattlesnakes and cacti that will literally shoot their spines at those who pass too close.

Our goal was to create a collaborative video. The participants, their skill level ranging from beginner to advanced, were separated into eight teams. The instructors put the participants through their paces, making sure that their team had the skills required to not only take great shots, but to keep the drones safely in the air.

AbbeAs the sun set, the shadows grew long and the sky turned a deep amber. Magic Hour had finally arrived. Up until this point, everyone had flown the drones using a smart phone mounted on top of the drone’s controller to frame their shots. But Abbé’s flight was different. She was the first to pilot her drone wearing Epson’s Moverio augmented reality glasses. Her tears of joy resulted from her first person view (FPV) from the drone.

The rest of the participants tried their hand at FPV flying until it was too dark to continue. And while a dusty, tired crowd of newly minted drone photographers filed back on to the bus, the Adobe video editors had their work cut out for them—to comb through the day’s aerial footage and assemble a video to commemorate the day—a video that is as mind-bending as the town of Nelson itself.

Here’s the result of our day in the desert.

Note: This is the first in a series of four posts inspired by a pre-show workshop arranged by Adobe’s Russell Brown for Photoshop World 2014. Check out the second and third posts called Propeller Panoramas and A Stitch of Nine in No Time.


  1. Dave Shacks says:

    The photo at the top as well as the article indicate that the video would count ail several phantoms instead it seems the video is another quad. Hopefully I can try out the epson goggles soon as I’m sure they would go perfictaly with one of my four phantoms.

  2. Nice!
    But any word on the vision app bug on the Moverio?
    I reported it but it has been a while..

  3. john kilcline says:

    Hi Michael, Is there any way of knowing WHEN this will be fixed, I dearly want to order a pair, but not until it is fixes, I know 2 other Phantom vision plus pilots who have the same opinion as me, DJI say nothing!

    Over to you

    • Michael Leyva says:

      Hi John,
      Unfortunately I don’t have an exact timeline. I’ll provide you with an update as soon as I hear anything. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Steve Barron says:

    I purchased a pair of Moverio this week and took them out for a spin. The glasses are amazing and the app worked just fine. The only complaint I have is that you can only fly FPV.

    I’d like to be able to fly GPS with way marks, like the iPhone app does. Anyone know if that’s in the works?

    Steve Barron

    • Rick Dennis says:

      Steve, my understanding is that you can do a Mirroring of your glasses and your DJI App on your current FPV device. I’m assuming it’s a blue tooth connection. By all reasoning, it will work, but I would be concerned about latency between the devices. Perhaps it’s a fast enough connection that you wouldn’t notice the lag, but I would guess there is going to be some lag.

      • Eric Mizufuka says:

        Hi Steve & Rick –

        Try using the Mirror 360 app in the Moverio apps market to mirror your iOS screen via Airplay. It connects via the Phantom wifi network. There’s a bit of lag; let us know what you think.


    • Eric Mizufuka says:

      Hi Steve –

      It looks like this version of the app that Laurens posted fixes the ground station issue:

      let me know how it works out.

  5. Rick Dennis says:

    Steve, this is somewhat good news. At least some of the issues have been addressed. That would have been my next question also.

    Michael, is there any word on Ground Station compatibility yet?


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