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WebTV Printer Help Guide

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How to Print

Printing to your EPSON ink jet printer from your WebTV console is very simple. Follow these steps:

To change the way your printer prints, change your Printing Options before printing.
Make sure the page you want to print is visible on your TV screen, and your printer is loaded with paper and ink.
Press the Option button on your keyboard or remote control. A pop-up menu appears.
Press the Arrow buttons on your keyboard or remote control to highlight the on-screen Print button. Then press either the Return key on your keyboard or the action_button.gif (870 bytes) button on your remote control. Another pop-up menu appears.
To print the entire web page, including information which appears above and below the edges of your TV screen, highlight the on-screen Print button and either press Return (keyboard) or action_button.gif (870 bytes) (remote control). The web page prints and the pop-up menu disappears.

To print only what is visible on your TV screen, choose Print Screen instead of Print.
To change printing options, choose Printing Options before you print the page.

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Printing Options

Selecting Printing Options displays three options. An option is enabled when a checkmark appears in the checkbox next to it.

Print text in black Enabling this option forces all text to print with black ink, even if the text appears on-screen in a different color.
Print date and web info Enabling this option prints the date, time, and web page address on each printed page.
Print background images Some images don't appear when you print a page because they are background images. Enabling this option forces background images to print.

Once you set Printing Options, the on-screen menu disappears. Follow the steps above to print the page with the options you've set.


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