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Core Technology of the Sensing Products

Epson, a global leader in technology, introduces an innovative line of smart watches, fitness bands and sports
devices. Powered by Epson’s original sensing technologies – Bio, Swing and Location Sensing – these new
"quantified self" products represent the next generation of consumer-focused wearable devices.


Coming Summer 2014

Golf Swing Analyzer

In Development

Location Sensing

In Development

Epson Pulsense

The Next Generation of Activity Monitoring

First-generation monitoring devices measure steps only. Utilizing Epson’s proprietary heart sensing technology,
Pulsense continuously monitors your heart rate, activity level, calorie burn and sleep patterns – the information you
need to attain your personal goals. Epson Pulsense sets the new standard in technology and style.

Epson Sensing

Pulsense Watch

Monitor your data in real-time

SRP $199*

Available Summer 2014

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Epson Sensing


Record your data in style

SRP $129*

Available Summer 2014

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Total Lifestyle Management


Gather key information - heart rate, activities, caloric intake and sleep.


Upload your data, set your goals and track your progress via
your smartphone or computer.


Achieve your wellness goals.


Gain detailed insights into your overall health through the use of continuous heart rate monitoring, and use
Pulsense features to integrate into your digital lifestyle.

Heart Rate Monitoring
Heart Rate Monitoring

Accurately monitor your heart rate from your wrist, 24/7.

Activity Monitoring
Activity Monitoring

Monitor all of your activity and find your fat burning zones.

Caloric Tracking
Caloric Tracking

Determine calories burned based on your personal data.

Sleep Activity Monitoring
Sleep Activity Monitoring

Get to know your sleep patterns through ongoing monitoring.

Smartphone Friendly
Smartphone Friendly

Designed to work with iOS and Android platforms.

PC & Mac Compatible
PC & Mac Compatible

Upload your biometric data to your laptop or desktop computer.

Plan for Success

Pulsense maps your goal over time, providing you with a target
achievement date based on your personal biometric data.

Plan for Success


The Epson Sensing API and SDK are available to third-party App developers.

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