Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner


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  1. Does Epson have a Windows 7 64-bit TWAIN driver available for my scanner? [ Answer
  2. What is Epson TWAIN? [ Answer
  3. I purchased a computer that came with Windows 7 installed. Does Epson have a Windows 7 driver for my scanner? [ Answer
  4. The OneTouch feature is not working with my scanning program. [ Answer
  5. How do I remove and reinstall the scanner software on a PC? [ Answer
  6. Can I scan 110 film with my scanner? [ Answer
  7. What can I do if I see an error message when installing Smart Panel 2.5a with Windows XP SP1? [ Answer
  8. Who do I contact for technical support of the software that came with my scanner? [ Answer
  9. How do I install the scanner software in my PC? [ Answer
  10. Why am I getting a warning when I connect my scanner that says: "HI-SPEED USB Device Plugged into a non-HI-SPEED USB Hub" with Windows XP? [ Answer

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