Livingstation LS57P1


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  1. I want to copy just some of my memory card images to a CD, but when I choose Select individually from the CD-R/RW Writer menu, all the images are selected. How can I select only the images that I want to include? [ Answer
  2. Why won’t the TV turn on? [ Answer
  3. Why don’t I see my photos in the Photo viewer screen when I insert a card or CD? [ Answer
  4. How do I replace the projection lamp? [ Answer
  5. Why doesn’t the TV’s POP button display two images on the TV screen? [ Answer
  6. Why can’t I change TV channels? [ Answer
  7. Why can’t I freeze an image for printing when I press the Freeze button on the TV remote control? [ Answer
  8. I can’t record from the Video Output connector in the back of the LivingStation. Why? [ Answer
  9. What do I do if I forgot my password? [ Answer
  10. Why does a blank page come out when I try to print a picture? [ Answer

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