Epson PictureMate Charm Compact Photo Printer - PM 225


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  1. How can I print wirelessly from a Bluetooth device with my PictureMate? [ Answer
  2. My printer will not recognize the flash drive. How can I correct this issue? [ Answer
  3. How can I test the printer without using the computer? [ Answer
  4. What types of paper can I use with my PictureMate? [ Answer
  5. I installed a photo cartridge, but an error message says that it is not the initial cartridge. Why is this? [ Answer
  6. My PictureMate sounds as though it is printing, but nothing prints. What's wrong? [ Answer
  7. Why won't the paper feed correctly? [ Answer
  8. I get the error Filter Failure with rastertoescpII when I try to print from my Mac. What should I do? [ Answer
  9. Printing is too slow. How can I increase the print speed? [ Answer
  10. The colors in my printed photo are wrong or missing. What should I do? [ Answer

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